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Rotary in Dundee
We’re for Communities Rotary   is   at   the   heart   of   every   community.   Wherever   there   is   a town   or   a   city,   there   is   a   Rotary   club   and   members   are   passionate about the communities in which they live and work. Rotary in the Community Members   of   Rotary   are   Community   Champions.   They   stand   up   for their   communities   locally   and   overseas;      they   support   those   who need    help;    they    strive    to    improve    lives;    they    stand    up    against injustice and wrongs within society. They    bring    about    positive    change    in    their    neighbourhoods    by fostering   and   building   strong   communities.   Every   event,   initiative or   project   that   we   run   -   whether   it   is   local,   national   or   international - is rooted in the notion of community. Because    we    believe    that    society    works    better    when    we    work together. If   you   are   a   visiting   Rotarian   please   do   make   a   point   of   visiting   one   of   our   local   clubs,   any   or   all   of   them   will   be   pleased   to   meet   you.     Alternatively,   to   find   out   more   about   Rotary   and   perhaps   how   you   can   get   involved   in   local   community   projects,   why   not   make contact   with   us.   Simply   visit   any   of   the   local   websites   below   or   if   you   are   travelling   further   a   field   our   District   site   is   here   D1010    or visit Rotary International  where you will find further information about Rotary in the wider world.
Rotary Club of Abertay meet Monday at 6pm Woodlands Hotel Broughty Ferry Dundee DD5 2QL abertay.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Discovery meet Friday at 7:30am DUSA University Campus Perth Road discovery.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Dundee meet Thursday at 12:45pm Invercarse Hotel Perth Road DD2 1PG dundee.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Monifieth meet Wednesday at 6pm The Grange Golf Club Tay Street Monifieth monifieth.rotary1010.org
Rotary Club of Claverhouse meet Tuesday at 6pm Queens Hotel Nethergate Dundee claverhouse.rotary1010.org